Classroom 6 – USA, 2015


‘When the bell rings it’s time to go to Hell’

Classroom 6 is a 2015 American found footage horror film written and directed by Jonas Odenheimer (The Whispering). It stars Valentina Kolaric, Mike McLaughlin and Michael Wynn.



A TV reporter and her crew go into a school that is haunted by a horrific past.


They spend the night locked inside the building, capturing everything they find, to prove there is paranormal activity in the notorious Classroom 6 – rumoured to be a passageway to the depths of Hell…




” … you can file Classroom 6 into the neatly categorized drawer of “been there, done that,” and just let it be… that is, unless you enjoy your intestines spun around like a thrill-park ride has malfunctioned to a catastrophic level, leaving its passengers doing the dizzy-dance for days afterwards.” Matt Boiselle, Dread Central

Classroom 6 is not offensive in the way that poorly produced “found footage” films typically raise blood pressure. It is just uneventfully dull and uninteresting. Without the courage to follow through on the novel aspects of its story and setting, the movie has nowhere…” Culture Crypt


“Odenheimer was clearly going for more of an atmospheric vibe throughout the process of the movie but I think he slipped a little bit out of his comfort zone. The film experience is not awful by any stretch of the imagination but it lacks anything that could be classed as genre twisting or new.” Chris, Top Found Footage Films


“Yes budget is of course constrained on a small production, but something with a little bit of thinking, simple effective solutions could lend the film a bit more originality rather than what we have on offer here. It also commits the crime of giving away a special effect or visual effect and this is in one scene in particular where the magician’s hand is revealed.” James Pemberton, UK Horror Scene

Main cast:

  • Valentina Kolaric
  • Mike McLaughlin
  • Michael Wynn
  • Vince Major
  • Victor Manso
  • Jessica Amal Rice
  • Paul Thomas Arnold
  • Craig Cranic
  • Matt Poe
  • Wesley Rice
  • Jean-Louis Darville
  • Caroline Guivarch
  • Lauren Tess

Filming locations:

Glendale, California, USA

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