Transformations – USA, 1988


Transformations – aka Alien Transformations – is a 1988 American science fiction horror film directed by Jay Kamen from a screenplay by Mitch Brian (Night Screams; Presence of Mind).

On March 1, 2016, Kino Lorber released the film on Blu-ray in the US. Extras include:

  • Audio Commentary by Director Jay Kamen
  • Interview with Star Lisa Langlois
  • Interview with Director Jay Kamen





In the furthest reaches of the galaxy, a lone transport pilot, Wolfgang Wolf Shadduck (Rex Smith), locks in his destination, switches onto automatic pilot and retires for the night. Little does he know that events will soon steer him onto a collision course with gruesome horrors of Transformations where a horrifying evil lurks behind seductive facades.

When Wolf awakens from a nightmarish slumber, he finds himself in the hospital ward of a prison colony; his ship has crashed with its cargo intact. Soon, he finds himself gripped with a grotesque and mysterious disease that transforms him into a horrendous beast and only the purity of the beautiful Miranda (Lisa Langlois) stands between the deadly disease and the rest of mankind…


“Unfortunately, the whole prison planet thing doesn’t really get explored much. Transformations is a low-budget affair, so while we get a look at a few hallways and some prisoners, there is a definite lack of scale … The love angle doesn’t work well at all, but it does lead to some fantastic moments of B-movie hilarity.” Will Kouf, Silver Emulsion


” … Transformations holds off on the gooey, gory goods for much of its running time, making you wish Empire had recruited Stuart Gordon to overhaul the script. By the time a man’s spine is ripped out in the last 10 minutes, it all feels like too little, too late. Patrick Macnee also tries his best as a priest fearing a plague, but even he can’t save this failure.” Alan Dorich,

“Ultimately, Transformations is way up there with Empire’s earlier Vicious Lips and Necropolis as an immediate requirement for all lovers of Z-flick endurance tests. Those without such masochistic tendencies should duck and cover , well away from this bomb.” Empire of the ‘B’s: The Mad Movie World of Charles Band


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Main cast:

Lisa Langlois – Deadly Eyes; The Nest)
Patrick Macnee – Incense for the Damned; The Howling; Lobster Man from Mars
Christopher Neame – Lust for a VampireDracula A.D. 1972; Species IIIMichael Hennessy
Cec Verrell

Rex Smith
Benito Stefanelli
Donald Hodson
Pamela Prati
Ann Margaret Hughes
Loredana Romito


Lisa Langlois chase scene:

IMDb | Image thanks: Video Museum

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