House of VHS aka Ghosts in the Machine – France, 2016


‘Do NOT touch the tape inside’

House of VHS – aka Ghosts in the Machine – is a 2016 French horror film written and directed by Gautier Cazenave (OnenutSherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein) about young people terrorised by a mysterious VCR.

Tom Cat Films presented the film for international sales at the European Film Market in Berlin in February 2016.

A British DVD release, as Ghosts in the Machine, is scheduled for 21 November 2016 by Three Wolves Ltd.



Main cast:

Florie Vialens, Morgan Lamorté, Delphine Lanniel, Isabel McCann, Pétur Sigurdsson, and Ewen Blumenstein.


Official synopsis:

A group of young people hailing from six different countries – France, UK, US, Australia, Italy and Belgium – take off for a summer vacation in the French countryside.

They force their way into an old abandoned house, and plan on spending a good time despite having no water or electricity. But one of them discovers a dusty trunk full of VHS tapes, with a mysterious VCR that seems able to work without electricity.


After they start watching the bizarre movies recorded on the tapes, the students realize that there are strange forces at work, and that their lives might be in danger…



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