Creatureplica – cryptoid action figures

Creatureplica is an American company that produces action figures based on cryptozoological creatures.


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They have issued four figures to date: Himalayan Yeti, HorrorHound, Louisiana Rougarou and North American Sasquatch (click on images to enlarge).

Press blurb:

“True dedication to native folklore, witness reports and historical record is the basis for the genesis of Creatureplica and the creation of our sculptural depictions. Our initial wave is in scale with 6” and 7” action figure lines, fully articulated with environmental bases.

Until now, serious crypto toy lines were as rare as the creatures themselves. Prepare to enter the primordial woods and frozen wastes of the world and explore it’s darkest corners. There are things undescribed by science on the fringes, stomping through the forest, chittering in the shadows. Join us in our quest. And Beware.”


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