BloodMania – Canada, 2017


Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BloodMania aka BloodMania is a 2017 Canadian horror anthology film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis (Blood Feast; Two Thousand Maniacs!; The Wizard of Gore); The Gore Gore Girls) [Gory StoryThe Night Hag segments], Kevin Littlelight [segment GOREgeous] and Melanie Reinboldt [segment: Attack of Conscience] for Diabolique Films.

The screenplay is by Herschell Gordon Lewis, Kevin Littlelight, James Saito, Justin Sane and Bob Schultz.



“Whilst each story differs in context, almost all contain a variety of OTT gore sequences, be it a crazed serial killer being flattened by a steamroller, or an old hag dissolved in chemical cleaners. In keeping with the director’s heritage, the effects are gooey, completely gratuitous and of course shown fully uncut. Oddly there are quite a few rather iffy CGI blood additions which don’t make anywhere near the impact the prosthetic effects do…” Beyond the Gore

” …a perfect farewell movie for the man who has become known as the “Godfather of Gore”, as it doesn’t just focus on the gore content of his filmmaking ways but also on the comic aspects, the over-the-top ideas, and the occasional nonsense moments. And while gore movies as such might be a dime a dozen these days, only few are as much fun to watch (in a party movie sort of way) as this one.” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“It’s a loveable mess from grue-soaked start to bloody maniacal finish and sees so fit cause to disguise such. There’s precious little plot or suspense, but the characters painted are more than colorful. Moreover, they die pretty for the most part and, with 18 gallons of gush juice swimming the screen like sanguine soda, it provides no shortage of light refreshment.” Richard Charles Stevens, Keeper of the Crimson Quill [click link to see lots of images from BloodMania]

” …interesting to see that BloodMania was created more as a horror-comedy film than an attempt at being legitimately scary. The comedy comes in the form of dry and sarcastic humor, gag humor, and the nonstop gore that pops up out of nowhere. This, of course, is also fueled by some cringe-worthy acting that makes the whole thing slightly more humorous.” Horror Society

Main cast:

  • Genoveva Rossi
  • Caroline Buzanko
  • Carolyn Bridget Kennedy
  • Saleste Mele
  • Roger LeBlanc
  • Chengis Javeri
  • Erica Cukulin
  • Brian MacDougall
  • Sarah Troyer
  • Donovan Cerminara
  • Emily Siobhan McCourt
  • Laura Gillespie
  • Faith Amantea
  • Jewelle Colwell
  • Emeri Cukulin
  • Carly McKee
  • Stuart Bentley



James Saito talks to

Filming locations:

Calgary, Canada

IMDb | Facebook | Twitter

Image credits: Keeper of the Crimson Quill [click link to see lots of images from BloodMania]


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