2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010)


2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams is a 2010 American comedy-horror film directed by Tim Sullivan from a screenplay co-written with Chris Kobin and Christopher Tuffin.

The film is a belated sequel to Sullivan’s earlier film 2001 Maniacs. The story concept is loosely derived from Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1964 gore film Two Thousand Maniacs.


Bill Moseley, Trevor Wright, Lin Shaye (Insidious franchise), Christa Campbell, Ahmed Best, Nivek Ogre.



When this year’s round of unsuspecting Northerners fail to show up for their annual Guts N’ Glory Jubilee because the Feds are investigating the disappearances of Northerners over the years, the residents of Pleasant Valley take their twisted carnival on the road and head to Iowa, where they encounter spoiled heiresses, Rome and Tina Sheraton, and the cast and crew of their “Road Rascals” reality show. They begin killing the cast and crew…


Field of Screams provides the bare minimum of entertainment slapped together with unfunny socio-political crassness and intense, but very fake-looking gore effects.” R.L. Shaffer, IGN


“The humor – which is only comprised of Jew, black, Asian, gay and sex jokes – never really hits the right notes, managing to only be crude and possibly offensive rather than actually funny. Oh, and as far as the nudity goes, yes, it’s chock-full of topless women, but a good horror film that does not make.” David Harley, Bloody Disgusting

“a merciless chore to get through.” Scott Weinberg, Fearnet

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  1. We need more funny “offensive” flix like this. The goodie goodie fakes out there need to be scared !!!

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