Tasmanian Devils – Canada, 2013

Tasmanian Devils is a 2013 Canadian horror feature film directed by former child actor Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: OriginsDead Rising: Watchtower) from a screenplay by Brook Durham (Mammoth; Red: Werewolf Hunter; Bering Sea Beast).

The movie stars Danica McKellar (Hack!Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo), Kenneth Mitchell (The Bequest), Mike Dopud (Alone in the Dark; BloodRayne; Final Destination 5), Roger R. Cross (The Chronicles of Riddick; The Strain; Re-Kill); Terry Chen (Bates Motel; Evil Feed; Godzilla); Apolo Ohno, Rekha Sharma.


When a group of BASE jumpers enter into a forbidden portion of the Tasmanian wilderness, they didn’t foresee that one of their group would die in the process. They also didn’t expect for their friend’s blood to awaken ancient and gigantic Tasmanian devils that would swiftly seek to make them their supper.


The group finds some assistance in three park rangers that arrive to arrest the group for trespassing, only to find that they too are in danger of becoming the deadly beasts’ prey. One by one, people start to die…


“No character is particularly likeable or unlikeable as they are so poorly written and acted it’s just impossible to care about anything that happens to them […] The CGI is fairly awful but nowhere as bad as other SyFy offerings (SnakeHead Swamp)…” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“There are so many satisfying moments in this movie that it is easy to forget the low budget despite how cheesy everything looks. Everything about the movie that at the outset made me believe it would be just another Syfy crapfest eventually evolved into something great. Not just good or watchable mind you, but genuinely great.” Stupid Blue Planet


“Too silly to take seriously and taking itself far too seriously to have fun with, Tasmanian Devils needn’t bother anybody’s list of monster flicks this year.” John Noonan, Horror News

“There is little here that you haven’t seen countless times before. Annoying characters you can’t wait to see die: check. A clumsy and unconvincing love interest subplot: check. Incompetent direction and unconvincing special effects: check. It is fair to say Tasmanian Devils does little well but at least the pacing is brisk to help make sure it isn’t completely boring.” Adam Cook, Letterboxd


Cast and characters:

  • Danica McKellar as Alex
  • Kenneth Mitchell as Jayne
  • Mike Dopud as Anderson
  • Roger R. Cross as Simon (as Roger Cross)
  • Terry Chen as Walsh
  • Rekha Sharma as Lisbon
  • Apolo Ohno as Stone
  • Joseph Allan Sutherland as Danz (as Joseph Sutherland)
  • Scott McNeil as Whitfield
  • Julia Sarah Stone as Kid

Choice dialogue:

Simon [Roger Cross]: “I can’t believe this is real. What are we watching?”



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  1. I watched this movie not so long ago on SyFy here in the UK. Oh good Lord it was bad. Its that guy who gets impaled on the spike. He is alive and able to move for a long time and I don’t need an MD to know that’s BS.

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