Eden Lodge – UK, 2013


‘Enjoy your stay’

Eden Lodge is a 2013 British horror film co-produced, written and directed by Andreas Prodromou (In the Red [short]). The Lost Boys Pictures production had the working title Breakdown and was obviously retitled, with artwork to match, to cash-in on seminal ‘hoodie’ horror hit Eden Lake (2008).


Main cast:

Georgina Blackledge, Cyd Casados (The Boogeyman), Ivy Corbin, Ellie Dickens, Ben Gardner Gray (Kidulthood), Georgio Costa Houtris, James Killeen, Aggy Kukawka, Garry Mannion.


A young family is stranded at the Eden Lodge. The people they meet are being killed one by one. They must fight to save their marriage, their family, and most of all their lives…



Stuck in release limbo for a couple of years, Eden Lodge is a somewhat clichéd, class-ridden slasher pic that seems to want to replicate the downbeat aesthetics of Pete Walker‘s 1970s Brit horror.

For a low-budget production, technical credits and acting are all respectable, and there’s grim drama, for sure. The resulting film is not bad and worth a look if only to consider the strange development of what constitutes low-budget UK horror in the 21st century.



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“Competent acting can’t save this unscary and utterly derivative brit-horror. Which is a shame because there are a lot of badly acted horrors with better plots and ideas than this sorry exercise in how to bore an audience silly. That the director has put in enough effort to present this as a professionally produced movie it’s a bitter pill to swallow that all his efforts have been misdirected.” Britpic

Choice dialogue:

“Why do we punish those who are closest to us? I suppose it’s because we love them most of all.”

“Shut your demon mouth!”


Eden Lodge was released on DVD in the UK on August 31, 2015, by Signature Entertainment.

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