Bugged – USA, 1997

bugged 3

‘They’re urban, they’re vermin, and they exterminate you!’

Bugged – aka Bugged! – is a 1997 American science fiction comedy horror film co-produced, written and directed by Ronald K. Armstrong.


The film was released on VHS and DVD by Troma Entertainment and now crops up on Netflix.

bugged 4


Priscilla K. Basque, Ronald K. Armstrong, Jeff Lee, Derek C. Johnson, Billy Graham, David McKay, John Kilgore, Jacqui Everett.


Devine Hill, an attractive young poet (Priscilla K. Basque), calls out Dead and Buried Exterminators to rid her house of insects. Unfortunately, due to a horrible chemical mix-up, the poison spray causes the bugs to grow to enormous sizes, and pretty soon everyone is trapped inside the house and have to find a way to stop the dastardly pests before they start multiplying and take over the world…


Unlike most of the black horror ‘hood sub-genre movies, Ronald K. Armstrong’s bugsploitation pic is more subtle and at least mildly amusing. The insects, which seem to be giant crickets, are memorably weird: they seem to have human characteristics (at one point, a bug turns off a light switch!).

Some common male stereotypes are mocked but the lack of budget means that a few muffed lines are left in. For the most part, Bugged is a passable trash film time-waster if you’re in a very charitable mood but it’s not worth seeking out and the ending is way too ineffectual.

Adrian J Smith, Horrorpedia



Other reviews:

Bugged never takes itself seriously. Unlike most Troma products, some of the attempts at humor actually work, such as when the giant bug picks up Dave’s gun and shoots at him, or when the bugs throw a frozen chicken tied to a rope into the house to go “people fishing”. Still, the mere cheapitude of it all — including the bargain-basement acting — weakens the impact of even the best moments.” BlackHorrorMovies.com


Choice dialogue:

Steve: “If this woman has bugs this big runnin’ round this house, I’m gettin’ the f*ck outta here.”



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