Killer Mermaid aka Nymph – Serbia, 2014

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‘Mysterious. Irresistible. Deadly.’

Killer Mermaid – aka Killer Mermaids; Nymph; and Mamaula is a 2014 Serbian horror feature film directed by Milan Todorovi from a screenplay by Barry Keating (Downhill; Nightworld).The movie stars Kristina Klebe (Tales of Halloween), Franco Nero (Hitch-Hike), and Natalie Burn.

Friends Kelly and Lucy travel into the depths of Montenegro to visit an old friend. While there, they decide to explore an abandoned military fortress located on a remote island.

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As the summer sun quickly sets, the dark mystery of the night envelopes the girls as they realise they are not alone. There are secrets which must be protected and an evil darkness hidden beneath the island…


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“With high production values, a gorgeous backdrop, seriously beautiful makeup effects and a truly unique villain, Killer Mermaid is a fun, albeit shallow, horror film that really plays on the power of women. The ladies in this film are much more logical and tough than some of the men and the notion that a pretty lady can, literally, sing someone into their watery grave is pretty amusing.” Haddonfield Horror

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“The fact that it proved more enjoyable upon a second viewing also says quite a bit about the production and its potential shelf life. If genre fans are willing to move beyond the preposterous concept, or the cheesy promotional posters and disc design, they’re likely to discover a movie that gets a few things wrong, a lot of things right, and a picture that will indeed hold the attention.” Matt Molgaard, Horrorfreak News

“With so little really explored in the mermaid arena, Killer Mermaid is a welcome film. Solid characters and grand locations definitely add to the scope of the film and create a world in which these creatures can exist.” Shock Till You Drop


“Not everything is bad about Nymph; the mermaid looks decent, the acting is passable and an appearance is put in by Franco Nero, it’s just that the negatives severely outweigh the positives here. Nymph is just too damn formulaic for me to have liked it all that much, what a shame.” Cinema Chords


At the time of writing, Killer Mermaids is available for streaming on Netflix.



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