Behind Locked Doors aka Any Body… Any Way – USA, 1968


Behind Locked Doors – also known as Any Body… Any Way – is a 1968 American exploitation horror film directed by South African Charles Romine (Mysteries of the Gods) from a screenplay by Stanley H. Brasloff (director of Toys Are Not for Children).

In the US, it was distributed by Harry Novak‘s Boxoffice International Pictures. In Germany, it was known as Die Schreckenskammer des Dr. Sex and in a stronger version as Then Came Ecstasy.


The film stars Eve Reeves, Joyce Danner, Daniel Garth, Ivan Agar (Shriek of the Mutilated), Irene Lawrence, Andrea Beatrice, Allan Michaels, Christina Piroska.

Ann and Terry (Danner) are two “swingers” who spend the night in an old secluded house, where they’re subjected to bizarre sexual experiments by Dr. Bradley (Garth) and his deranged sister…


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‘Female masturbation, several rape scenes (including one where Bradley rubs himself with baby oil before going in for the plunge!), a room full of naked dead girls propped up in lifelike poses, Ivan Hagar sexually molesting a corpse, forced voyeurism, goofy interrogations, whipping, a staged catfight escalating into a no-holds-barred four-person brawl leaving a bedroom completely totaled (this is an incredibly wild scene!), and a fiery finale complete with reanimated corpses and go-go dancing!’ Casey Scott, DVD Drive-In


‘A sleazy experience which becomes not-so-filthy in the midst of absurdist delights. This is an adult film in a 1950s playing field. It never goes over the top, but the option is always present. The barren, “windy night” visuals are infectious. Characterizations are both sensible and ridiculous. Hostile sex-periments lead to chuckles when scored with bull-fighting music and instigated by a polite, overweight nebbish.’ Joseph A. Ziemba, Bleeding Skull!


‘Far less visceral than Latin offerings in the medical science fiction sub-genre, such as the gruesome Gritos en la noche (1962), the film’s centre of interest is sexual, rather than physical, horror.’ Phil Hardy (editor), The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction




Filming locations:

Upper state New York


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