The Amityville Playhouse aka Amityville Theater – UK, 2015


The Amityville Playhouse – also known as The Amityville Legacy and Amityville Theater  – is a 2015 British horror feature film directed by John R. Walker from a screenplay by Steve Hardy.



The movie stars Monèle LeStrat, Linden Baker, Kennie Benoit, Hollie Anne Kornik, Eva Kwok, Logan Russell, Gary Martin, Ania Marson.

Following the tragic death of her parents Fawn Harriman discovers she has inherited a theatre in the town of Amityville. Along with three friends, she decides to spend the weekend looking the place over.

Meanwhile, one of her high school teachers begins an investigation into the village’s past and makes a connection with something that goes back beyond recorded history…


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On 26 June 2017, 4Digital Media released the film on DVD in the UK on a triple-bill with The Amityville Asylum and The Amityville Terror.

The film was previously released in the UK on 13th April 2015 and in the US on DVD by 4 Digital Media on June 23, 2015.



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