XX (2016)


Four deadly tales by four killer women’

XX is a 2016 American horror anthology film produced by XYZ Films (Tusk) with four female directors: Karyn Kusama (The InvitationJennifer’s Body), Jennifer Chambers Lynch (HissSurveillance), Jovanka Vuckovic and Annie Clark (St. Vincent). Dwjuan Fox was the supervising producer.


Each of the directors was given free creative rein for their segments. The film had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival at Midnight on January 22, 2017 before it makes VOD debut on February 17th.


Main cast:

Natalie Brown, Mike Doyle, Christina Kirk, Kyle Allen, Peyton Kennedy, Peter DaCunha, Ron Lea, Jonathan Watton, Lisa Renee Pitts, and Morgan Peter Brown.



“At first glance the toys/dollhouse theme don’t link particularly thematically to the stories, but they’re extremely cool regardless. That sense of coolness is present throughout all the work on display in XX. It’s a very enjoyable and often scary anthology that shows a ton of promise from its directors.” Ryland Aldrich, Screen Anarchy

“While each segment has its moments, though, none of them are completely satisfying, and only one of them truly comes close to hitting its intended target. There may be a vague through line about upending the traditional female roles of mother, wife and caretaker, but if XX is trying to make some sort of statement, it’s not doing so with much clarity or power.” Christy Lemire, RogerEbert.com


“Like nearly all anthology films, some entries are better than others. My personal favorites were “The Birthday Party,” thanks to its wonderful irreverence and pitch-black sense of humor, and “Don’t Fall,” which on a sheer execution level is a rocket-fueled nightmare trip full of images I’m still thinking about. But even if some segments don’t play as well as others, they each have interesting things to say…” Bryan Bishop, The Verge


“Approaches vary from quietly chilly psycho-terror to effects-driven shock. In lieu of a frame story, Mexican animator Sofia Carrillo contributes opening titles and creepy segments in the style of Jan Svankmajer or the Quay Brothers; animated playthings, dead birds, stop-motion rotting fruit […] A trim, evenly-paced 80 minutes, XX is one of the more consistent contemporary horror anthologies.” Kim Newman, Screen Daily

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