Amityville Death House (2015)


‘A crawling nightmare of horror!’

Amityville Death House is an American horror directed by Mark Polonia for Monogram Pictures and starring Eric Roberts. Despite both the director and actor being extremely prolific in the horror genre we are – frustratingly – unable to currently identify any further credits for Amityville Death House.

Meanwhile, the film is released on DVD in the USA on February 24, 2015, by Bayview Entertainment/Widowmaker.

Plot synopsis:

When Tiffany and her friends arrive in the town of Amityville to check in on her ailing grandmother, they discover an ancient witch’s spirit possesses the old house. One by one the curse destroys the descendants of those who condemned her to death over 300 years ago, ultimately possessing the bodies of the innocent, and transforming them into hideous creatures of destruction…

The Vimeo trailer below shows a large institution with the familiar Amityville windows but there appears to be no other connection with the official Amityville series of films…

Buy Amityville Death House on DVD from


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