Chimères – Switzerland, 2013: updated with free to watch online link

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Chimères (translation: Chimeras) is a 2013 Swiss horror film and the feature debut of director Olivier Beguin, who co-wrote with Colin Vettier. It stars Jasna Kohoutova, Yannick Rosset and Catriona MacColl (City of the Living DeadThe Beyond; The Theatre Bizarre).

Italian film director Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust; House on the Edge of the Park; The Washing Machine) has a cameo role.

Alex (Yannick Rosset) and Livia (Jasna Kohoutova) are a young couple on vacation in Romania. Their trip is uneventful until Alex severely injures himself while drunk and requires a trip to the hospital. His injuries necessitates a blood transfusion and Alex initially seems like he will be fine.


However when the couple return home, Alex begins to develop strange new symptoms. He has an all new aversion to light, he is unable to eat anything, and develops insomnia.

Alex and Livia initially believe this to be brain damage, but they soon discover the reality of the situation: that Alex is turning into a vampire.



” …Chimères’ arguably slow, over-edited start makes more sense compositionally as the movie reaches its violent crescendo. Well-written and acted Chimères is a balanced take on vampirism and the creatures’ ancient struggle with companionship and love.” Norberto Gomez Jr., Fangoria

Chimeres-movie-film-2013-Yannick Rosset

“The technical side of things is where Chimères finds its strongest assets, with some impressive cinematography and lighting for the budget, and robust editing. Beyond that, however, is a shaky attempt at intimate connection that ultimately transforms into dolly shots of people being beaten to death.” Gareth Jones, Dread Central

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” …Beguin plays ably with both genre conventions and the necessities of low-budget filmmaking. Rather than the usual focus on the hunger and the hunt, the film mines more intimate territory, examining how Alex’s transformation affects his relationship with Livia, and more intriguingly, his own sense of self.” Ben Croll, Twitch Film

Main cast and characters:

  • Jasna Kohoutova as Livia
  • Yannick Rosset as Alex
  • Catriona MacColl as Michelle
  • Ruggero Deodato as Butcher
  • Paulo Dos Santos as Fred
  • Derek Robin as Doctor


Chimères had its world premiere on July 5, 2013 at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

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