Terror on the Midnight Train – Spain, 1980

Terror en el tren de la medianoche Spanish horror 1980

Terror en el tren de la medianoche (“Terror on the Midnight Train”) is a 1980 Spanish horror film (released 1982) directed by Manuel Iglesias from a screenplay by co-written with Antonio Fos (The Cannibal Man; A Candle for the Devil; The Vampires’ Night Orgy). Iglesias also composed the soundtrack score. The film stars Rafael Hernández, Mary Paz Pondal, José Riesgo.

The railway station in a small town in northern Spain is haunted by a ghost train that causes the death of a local resident every time it appears. The local priest tries to calm the local people but to no avail…


Spanish language reviews for this obscure movie are available at La abadia de berzano and Aqui Vale Todo

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