Atomic Shark – USA, 2016


‘The coast is toast’

Atomic Shark is a 2016 American action/horror film directed by actor/producer Griff Furst (Swamp Shark; StarveGhost Shark) from a screenplay co-written with Scott Foy and Jack Snyder (Fatal Exam; Ghost Image; Cold Moon). It was produced by Ted Chalmers (Don’t Look in the Cellar).

Main cast:

Rachele Brooke Smith (Scream QueensCold Moon), Jeff Fahey (Psycho III; Beneath), David Faustino (Boston Strangler: The Untold Story), Bobby Campo (The Final Destination; StarveScream: The TV Series), Isaiah LaBorde (SnakeHead Swamp; Cold MoonScream Queens), Adam Ambruso, Mariah Bonner (Shadow PeopleStarve), Jake Chiasson (Cold Moon).

Atomic Shark debuted on July 24, 2016, as part of the Syfy channel’s Sharknado Week.


General Dale “The Charger” Hamilton has an intriguing plan to become the next leader of America. After hiring terrorist Karl Schmidt the two share an interest in a marine biologist Dr. Mann who has created an electronic device that attracts sharks making them attack anything emitting the signal even ships or submarines, which is precisely why General Dale and Schmidt are interested in the device, along with a huge 23 foot great white shark that Dr. Mann has captured.

Knowing the President of the USA is scheduled to christen a new nuclear submarine General Hamilton has the means to attach Dr. Mann’s invention to the sub. Leaving Schmidt to outfit the Great White with lethal cargo and send it on its mission. All that needs to occur is for the sub to destroyed, emitting a radioactive cloud that will cover all of Washington D.C and most of North eastern seaboard allowing General Dale and his troops to take over the reins of chaos. Controlling the Vice President through blackmail all that really stands in his way are agents Wilkes and Dorcet, who currently have no idea the deadly mission they’re about to face…


“As the film’s screenwriter, Griff Furst, pointed out on twitter, Atomic Shark is a comedy. Taking it seriously is definitely the biggest mistake that a viewer could make.  This is a movie that was meant to be watched with a group of your loudest and snarkiest friends. It’s a lot of fun.” Lisa Marie Bowman, Through the Shattered Lens

“The approach here is to take a ludicrous concept and have everyone involved play it totally serious. At no point does anyone point out the biological impossibility of the shark here existing: that’s taken as read, and everyone is simply dealing with it. Yet the film has some genuinely amusing moments too. At one point, it goes epically wide-screen for a heroic jet-ski assault. Another involves a musical cue and a dynamite fuse.” Jim McLennan, Film Blitz

atomic shark

“One does not come to these movies expecting quality, but sometimes it is the little touches that separate the real, bottom-of-the-barrel scrapers that often get shown on the channel (Shark Assault aka Shark Week, anyone?) from a film like Atomic Shark. This is nowhere near being a good, quality film, but Atomic Shark can be enjoyed for its obvious sense of humor in many scenes, and its ability to play it straight even when it is very clear that everyone involved knows exactly how silly all of this is.” Rik Tod Johnson, The Shark Film Office

“Sure, the CGI is terrible, but Atomic Sharks more than makes up for that with a great sense of humor. This is never more evident than in a scene where a suicidal woman is attempting to light dynamite with a lighter while holding down another woman, who blows out the flame every time she lights up. Good stuff.” Dan D.,

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