Drainiac! – USA, 2000


‘They’ll suck the life out of you’

Drainiac! – also known as Drainiac – is a 2000 comedy horror film written and directed by Brett Piper (Muckman; Bite Me!Queen Crab). It stars Georgia Hatzis, Alexandra Boylan, Ethan Krasnoo, Samara Doucette, Rob Gorden.

When Julie Ashbrook (Georgia Hatzis) helps her father fix up a hopelessly run-down house, she is clearly unaware of the horrors that are about to follow.

Soon, creatures, demons and chaos descend on the haunted house. Mr. Plummer (Phip Barbour) arrives to help but will he be able to exorcise the evil before it’s too late?


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“Shot fast and cheap on 16mm film stock for $10,000.00 in the late nineties, Drainiac isn’t exactly good but it is at least enjoyable. It makes for a fun diversion, a campy b-movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously but plays as a straight enough picture that the humor doesn’t feel too forced. The performances are all fairly wooden and the script is pretty ridiculous, but this is Drainiac, not high art.” Ian Jane, DVD Talk


“If you’re interested in fun, cheap, gory fast-food horror with a self deprecating sense of humor, you’ll like Drainiac!. It’s certainly not for everyone.” CHUD.com



“You could accuse writer-director Brett Piper of being a lot of things. I, on the other hand, have chosen not to take that road. He has somehow managed to make an entertaining film about a dilapidated fixer-upper that kills its occupants with faulty plumbing. And he should be commended for what he was able to achieve this with little-to-no money.” House of Self-Indulgence



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