Centipede Horror (Hong Kong, 1984)


Centipede Horror – original title: Wu gong zhou – is a 1984 Hong Kong horror film directed by Keith Li (Vampire Kids) from a screenplay by actress Suet Ming Chan (Red Spell Spells Red), who also has a leading role. It stars Hussein Abu Hassan, Chu-kwong Chan, F.C. Chan, Chok Chow Cheung, Szu-ying Chien, Wong Ha-Fei, Li-fen Han.

A crazed evil wizard uses his powers to take revenge on beautiful women by making them vomit up live centipedes, which then proceed to eat their victims…


Centipede Horror isn’t particularly gory or sleazy but it is pretty gross. I mean these are giant ass bugs here. We’re talking over 6 inches long and an inch wide, crawling all over folks. They certainly look nasty to me. We even get a great scene of live centipede vomiting. Seriously, how eager to make a film do you have to be to be willing to put several giant live centipedes in your mouth?!” Toxic Graveyard


“Above and beyond the screaming myriapod nightmares that crawl unceasingly through this film, it’s none-too-shabby, with a nice little mystery-solving plotline and weird magic going on. Far from the gruesome centipede-fest I’d been expecting, it’s actually a little bland on the grue-front, plus it threw in some surprise gratuitous nudity.” Bill Adcock, Radiation Scarred Reviews


“While far from the nightmarish vision many would have you believe it is, Centipede Horror is a relatively interesting, occasionally successful, and unarguably weird take on the black magic theme popular in the Hong Kong cinema of the time. It’s a pity Keith Li didn’t direct more than the few films he did, as I quite enjoyed myself with this one. While not recommended for the squeamish or bug-fearing, fans of the genre are encouraged to indulge.” Kevin Pyrtle, WTF-Film

centipede horror 1984



centipe Horror laserdisc

IMDb | Image thanks: Backyard Asia



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