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The-Toolbox-Murders-BelgPoster Perversion – – is an internet website devoted to Derrick Ogrodny’s movie memoribilia: posters, ad mats, pressbooks and lobby cards. He explains his raison d’être:

“I don’t consider myself a typical movie-memorabilia collector, since I have no interest in the stuff coveted by most collectors which snags big bucks at auctions and movie memorabilia conventions. My poster perversion sprang out of my love for horror and exploitation films from the 60′s to the 80′s, and so instead of original posters for Star Wars, I have ones for Starcrash, a delirious Italian sci-fi turkey inspired by the George Lucas film.

Instead of Marilyn Monroe, I have lots of Laura Gemser. And James Bond doesn’t have a place in my collection, though Filipino midget super-spy Weng Weng sure does… as do posters hyping oddities with titles like Scum of the Earth, Roadside Torture Chamber, The Gestapo’s Last Orgy and The Sinful Dwarf.

For me, the weirder and more obscure the film the better – bonus points if doesn’t have a listing for it. The mere fact that posters and lobby cards for these films still exist and have actually hung in local drive-ins, grindhouses and cinemas around the world impresses me more than their rarity or market value.


Yes, a lot of these posters are bloody, sexist, gratuitous and politically incorrect. They serve as reminders that times have indeed changed, not only for the film industry and audience tastes but for movie-marketing as well. They definitely don’t make ‘em like they used to – what’s missing nowadays is ATTITUDE.

Compare the wild, devil-may-care abandon of the artwork on this site to the majority of contemporary movie posters which are boring and formulaic: over-Photoshopped images of the three or four stars of the film spliced together on a one-sheet with the focus-group tested title and tagline slapped on them.

What’s worse is, you’ll see the same McPoster in almost every country where that movie is playing – only the titles and taglines will have been versioned for the local market. Yet there was a time when each country would have it’s own version of a movie poster depending on the whims of the local distributor or imagination of the graphic designer.”






There are many, many examples of rare and appealing images on Poster Perversion and we present a brief selection below. Visit the site itself and bookmark it.

















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