Supercroc aka Jurassic Croc – USA, 2007


Supercroc – also known as Jurassic Croc – is a 2007 American made-for-TV film produced by The Asylum and directed by Scott Harper (AVH: Alien vs. Hunter) from a screenplay by Steve Bevilacqua (When a Killer Calls; Hillside Cannibals) based on a story by David Michael Latt (Scarecrow Slayer; Halloween Night). It stars Cynthia Rose HallMatthew BlashawKim LittleDavid NovakKristen QuintrallMarat GlazerNoel ThurmanSteven GlinnAllen DuncanMichael Tower.

Plot teaser:

A military unit is sent to stop a giant crocodile before it reaches Los Angeles…

” … it doesn’t get poorer quality than this – the croc looks like a bad painting, the ‘muzzle flash’ of the weapons makes it look like they’re playing LaserQuest, even with the constantly blurry footage (which may or may not have been deliberate) the helicopters look like they’ve been stolen from the Muppets and the fact that for the majority of the movie you have to struggle to hear the dialogue over the “background” music all add to the direness of this offering.” Nerds Raging


Supercroc a giant monster movie without any of the giant monster in it. It’s a film that instead of putting padding around a giant monster, it throws in some giant monster around a lot of padding. In fact this film is the most padded film ever and could easily sustain being squashed underneath a giant 50ft crocodile and survive intact.” Popcorn Pictures


“There are many issues with Supercroc. In fact, finding a notable positive amongst the detritus is no easy task. I did laugh at the crocodile but I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to. I’ve been more frightened of a runny nose than this crocodile made up of utterly dreadful effects. The acting is weak, the story uninspiring and boy is this croc easy to take down! Another major issue was the sound. I had the volume cranked up to the max but still struggled to sometimes make out what the hell people were saying.” Donnambr, Paperblog


“This movie is just amazingly-bad for all of the reasons that you think.  On top of that, it’s not all that good for the ironic reasons that Asylum films can be.  Sure, the effects are bad, but you don’t get to see enough of them.  None of the really ridiculous stuff from future Asylum films- i.e. the Shark attacking the plane or the ‘Fend off Piranha with the Bicycle Kick’ – really show up. The film is chock full of set-ups for them…but has no pay-off. They really just seem to be messing with us.” Mondo Bizarro!



Super Croc (2007)




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