Necrophobia – Argentina, 2014


Necrophobia – original title: Necrofobia – is a 2014 Argentinian giallo-inspired horror film produced and directed by Daniel de la Vega from a screenplay co-written with Nicanor Loreti and Germán Val. It stars Julieta Cardinali, Luis Machín, Gerardo Romano, Viviana Saccone and Raúl Taibo.

Dante is a tailor whose phobia prevents him from being in contact with death. Whenever he is in front of a dead body, he experiences a creepy feeling that makes him lose his mind. His illness is exacerbated when his twin brother dies, and he sees his ‘own’ face in a coffin.

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From this traumatic event, the walls of reality crumble, and several close people are killed by someone who wants to incriminate him. Dante must solve the riddle of death, and thus discover a reality that is almost impossible…

The film’s score is by Italian composer and former Goblin musician Claudio Simonetti (Tenebrae; Demons; Opera).

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The film has no relation to the Serbian death metal band Necrophobia.

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IMDb | Image credit: Dread Central


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