Don’t Look in the Basement 2 – USA, 2014


Don’t Look in the Basement 2 is a 2014 American horror feature film directed by Anthony Brownrigg (Red Victoria), the son of S.F. Brownrigg who directed Don’t Look in the Basement in 1973. The screenplay was written by Anthony Brownrigg and Megan Emerick (who also has a role). 


Andrew Sensenig (We Are Still Here; Dylan Dog: Dead of Night), Frank Mosley (Ghostbreakers TV series; The Ladies of the House), Arianne Margot, Camilla Carr (Scum of the Earth; Keep My Grave Open; Don’t Look in the Basement), Megan Emerick, Jim O’Rear, Scott Tepperman, Willie Minor Jr., Kristal Shannon, Angela Gair, Chester Rushing,  Carolyn King, Kim Foster, Brady McInnes. 

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In 1972 Stephens Sanitarium was the scene of a brutal mass murder. Forty years later, Sam Withers, the only known survivor, arrives at Green Park mental institution and. Dr. William Matthews, a successful New York doctor fighting his own inner demons,  is assigned Sam’s problematic case.

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Sam’s arrival at Green Park triggers strange behaviour in the staff members and residents. Even the building itself takes on a menacing nuance. Driven to stop the madness, Dr. Matthews leads the Green Park staff in a plan to save themselves and the remaining patients; however, it’s not until he ventures into the basement that he comes face-to-face with the perverse truth…

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“By mirroring the feel of the original (slow build, taking time to introduce a large ensemble of characters; weighed down by a pervasive sense of sadness) without resorting to homage or repetition, Anthony Brownrigg has crafted something truly remarkable.” Kevan Farrow, Scream magazine


Don’t Look In the Basement 2 chooses to rely on the strength on its story and performances and not on gimmicks or gore, although there is definitely some of the latter. In terms of “story”, the film is mostly successful. For the first two-thirds, the film feels like a fitting continuation of the original. However, where the original could be described as a “psycho-thriller”, the sequel is more of a supernatural shocker.” Horror and Sons

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” …well-written and directed, had a fabulous cast, and I loved the ending. I will warn you that it is a little depressing at times (I got a little misty toward the end and especially at the short scene that followed) as you can’t help but feel sorry for some of the patients … Overall though it is a fun movie.” Todd Martin, Horror News



Filming locations:

Tehuacana, Texas, USA


During production, the movie was known as Id.

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