Love, Vampire Style – West Germany, 1970

beiss mich liebling

Love, Vampire Style is a 1970 German comedy film originally titled Beiß mich, Liebling! (“Bite Me, Darling!”). It was directed by Helmut Förnbacher from a screenplay co-written with W.H. Riedl and Martin Roda-Becher. It is also known as Love Vampire Style.

FilmAmorVampiroMLCIn the UK, the film was released to cinemas in 1974 as Love Vampire Style by Euro specialists Border Films. It was released on VHS in November 1981 by Intervision as The Amorous Adventures of a Young Postman, and reissued by MPV.


Eva Renzi (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage), Patrick Jordan (Assault), Amadeus August, Herbert Fux (Mark of the Devil; Lady Frankenstein), Brigitte Skay (A Bay of Blood), Barbara Valentin (The Head; Horrors of Spider Island).


Amourous Adventures of a Young Postman IntervisionPlot:

Postman Engelmann (Herbert Fux ) has an unfortunate accident that means he is unable to work, and so he is replaced on his round by his younger colleague Peter Busch (Amadeus August).

However, the young man has many other qualities besides being able to deliver of letters, and after a short time his ‘services’ are all the rage in the beds of local widows.

Sex therapist and marriage counsellor Hartlieb (Patrick Jordan ) is frustrated by this new situation, because all of his female clientele have nothing to report on the couch.

Without further ado, he decides to convey the potent postman to the afterlife, especially since the randy postman is also planning to marry his niece Laura (Eva Renzi).

However, the farce continues because the deceased delivery man rises from his grave and makes the area his own again, as a bloodthirsty vampire…



beiss mich liebling! pressbook


love vampire style

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  1. Recently found your site and noticed you were interested in “any other artwork” for this movie. I have a Mexican lobby card which I can send you a photo of if you like.

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