Things – USA, 1993

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‘Creatures created by the evil of men!’

Things is a 1993 American horror anthology feature film directed by Dennis Devine (Things II, Vampires of Sorority Row, Don’t Look in the Cellar), Eugene James (Sorority House Vampires) and Jay Woelfel (Beyond Dreams Door, Demonicus, Unseen Evil). It was produced by David S. Sterling (The Domicile; Witchcraft 16, 15 and 14; Death Pool, and many more).

The movie stars Kinder Hunt, Maegen, Jesse Hernandez, Olivia, Kathleen O’Donnel (Mulberry Street), Neil Delama. Kelly-Jean Dammeyer, Scot Pierce, Judith Montgomery, Bob Frey, Owen Rutledge, Jeff Burr (director of The Offspring, Pumpkinhead II, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) .

A disgruntled woman kidnaps her husband’s mistress and tells her two horror stories involving evil things…

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First tale ‘The Box’ is a celebration of female sexuality and male impotence. Suffice to say, the mayoral man with the hat loses it and the madame gains it.

The second tale, ‘Thing in a Jar’ is about Leon, a violent misogynist, whose partner imagines him cutting out her eyes. Beverly, an apparent friend, persuades her to leave her vicious hubby. Both tales are engaging , despite their cheap presentation, with a touch of Emile Zola’s Thérèse Raquin permeating the latter.

Things screams low, low budget and so comes with all the limitations that such a production entails, yet it’s entertaining nonetheless. The only fly in the ointment is the the background soundtrack being distractingly loud.


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“It was hard to watch this and not think of a Tim Ritter (director of Killing Spree and Truth or Dare? A Critical Madness, among other low-budget horror films) movie, but from a female perspective. The gore and special FX weren’t quite on Ritter’s level (which isn’t that high, it has its appeal and charm), but they were okay, the similar stories and acting ability was on-par though.” Hollie Horror, Letterboxd

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Choice dialogue:

Tulip: “You’re no leader, you’re a leech! Just like the thing in a box.”

“All you gotta do each day is eat, shit and f*ck”.

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