Death Screams aka House of Death – USA, 1981



‘He wants your body. In pieces.’

Death Screams – also titled House of Death and Night Screams – is a 1981 (released 1982) American horror feature film directed by actor David Nelson from a screenplay by Paul C. Elliott.

Director Worth Keeter III (Wolfman, Rottweiler: Dogs of Hell) provided the special effects.


The movie stars Susan Kiger, Larry SprinkleAndria SavioDavid Lenthall, Martin TuckerWilliam T. Hicks (Tales of the Third Dimension)John Kohler, Jennifer Chase, Jody KayKurt RectorJosh GambleHanns Manship.

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Two teenagers are murdered by a mysterious killer. They are reported missing but their bodies are not found. Two weeks later, locals are celebrating the last night of carnival but the machete-wielding maniac is lurking nearby and when a group of youngsters  decide to camp overnight by the river, they soon become victims…

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“The film itself is pretty well shot; it’s obviously aping Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) and has some nicely evocative shots. It’s a shame, though, that apart from the exciting finale the director doesn’t seem capable of (or even particularly bothered about) conjuring up and sustaining suspense…” Hysteria Lives

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“Poor lighting, poor quality sound, low levels of logic from key characters, a weak script, a nonsensical reason for the killing spree, underused locations (such as the fair and graveyard) and more House of Death holds multiple examples of how not to do a horror film.” The Robotic Patriot

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“Standard slasher flick … Cinematographer Darrell Cathcart also worked on Final Exam (1981) and a bunch of Earl Owensby films. Susan Kiger was a Playboy ‘Playmate’… Monica Boston, who plays one of the teenagers in this film, represented North Carolina in the Miss World-America pageant in 1980. Hicks was in A Day of Judgement (1981).” Brian Albright, Regional Horror Films, 1958 – 1990


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