Fresh Garlic: Dracula’s Worst Nightmare – food


Marketed as ‘Dracula’s Worst Nightmare’, this is a special Halloween pack of garlic bulbs that was sold in British supermarkets in 2004.

Produced by Brookerpaks Quality Foods, the product contained two garlic bulbs contained in a coffin shaped box that had a crucifix shape cut into the front, alongside a cartoon image of Dracula that looks ‘inspired’ by the Marvel Comics interpretation of the Count. The bottom of the box features a cartoon bat and the words “garlic – the ultimate vampire repellent”., while elsewhere on the package are images of a graveyard and a castle. On the back of the package was a recipe for ‘vampire stake’.

This was a nice, if trivial novelty, for horror lovers to add to their weekly shop.

David Flint, Horrorpedia

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