Wrong Turn VI (2014)


‘Checking in to your worst nightmare!’

Wrong Turn VI – aka Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort – is a 2014 American backwoods-themed horror film produced by Fox Home Entertainment, directed by Valeri Milev based upon a screenplay by Frank H.Woodward.

In October 2014, a court case was filed in Ireland over the unauthorized use of a photo of a woman who went missing in County Wexford. As a result, distributor 20th Century Fox recalled all DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film with no plan to repress or re-release and have also pulled all online streaming sources.


Sadie Katz (13 GirlsScorned; Blood Feast), Aqueela Zoll (Killjoy Goes to Hell), Chris Jarvis, Roxanne Pallet (Lake Placid 3), Raymond Steers, Harry Belcher, Anthony Ilott, Luke Cousins, Billy Ashworth, Rollo Skinner, Joe Gaminara, and Tabitha Luke Eardley.


Plot teaser:

Daria and Nick ride their bikes deep in the Hobb Springs Bike Trail. After bathing in a small watering hole, they get it together.


Afterward, they ride their bikes again until Nick falls off and discovers that an unknown assailant has shot him with a bow and arrow. The assailant, Three Finger, then kills Nick with an arrow through the face.


Daria attempts to flee only to ride into a strip of barbed-wire planted by One Eye and Saw Tooth. Three Finger then proceeds to kill her via decapitation with a machete.


Danny and his girlfriend Toni, Bryan and his girlfriend Jillian, Vic, Rod, and Charlie go to the Hobb Springs Resort, where they meet caretakers Sally and Jackson, who take them in. Agnes, a vacationer, is soon attacked, possibly by Saw Tooth or One Eye, throwing an axe at her. Jackson then snaps her neck, killing her…


“The series has always been famed for its inventive gore sequences, and Wrong Turn 6 certainly doesn’t let the side down. There’s enough here to rival even the fourth film’s grotesque fondue scene; which, for the uninitiated, is really saying something. It looks remarkably good too, considering how late we are into the game, and how shoddy and cheap the last film was.” Joel Harvey, Starburst



“The sex and nudity seems to have been upped from previous entries, with all females disrobing at some point (you have only to wait about 50 seconds into the film to see your first ass-and-boob combo here), and one scene in particular, involving a naked girl, stirrups and legs being bent the wrong way is worth keeping an eye out for. The gore and deaths are strong enough, with the best being the opening murder …


Some of the kills do feel a bit flat, though, involving stabs and arrows, and the makeup on the killers seems to have gotten worse, now resembling cheap, motionless masks.” John Mulvaney, HorrorNews.net


“Milev sticks with the formula of having a knock-out kill as the first but then quickly abandons just about every other bit of the carnage we’re used to in some weird attempt to seemingly make his Wrong Turn darker and more psychological than it needs to be. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for dark, but this? This is ultimately a failure as he only achieves this in one scene during a woodland gathering. The rest of it is all crap with a few good moments…” Steve Barton, Dread Central


“Sometimes a series has to switch things up a bit to keep from feeling like it’s been run into the ground, and that’s exactly what Milev and Woodward have done here. Wrong Turn VI: Last Resort is a very strong entry in the series that works in a different way than any of the previous five did. Even if you got tired of the other sequels as they went along, the sixth film is still worth giving a chance, because there is no other Wrong Turn quite like it.” The Movie Network

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“It’s ridiculous, nonsensical stuff, a badly constructed hook on which to hang a series of gory murders. It’s a movie that’s tension-free and treats its audience with a large dollop of contempt … It’s all about the kills, and one surreal murder involving a fire hose aside, Wrong Turn VI offers little that’s new or inventive or even interesting.” The Dull Wood Experiment


Cast and characters:

  • Anthony Ilott as Danny
  • Chris Jarvis as Jackson
  • Aqueela Zoll as Toni
  • Sadie Katz as Sally
  • Rollo Skinner as Vic
  • Billy Ashworth as Rod
  • Harry Belcher as Charlie
  • Joe Gaminara as Bryan
  • Roxanne Pallett as Jillian
  • Radoslav Parvanov as Three Finger
  • Danko Jordanov as Saw Tooth
  • Asen Asenov as One Eye
  • Kicker Robinson as Doucette
  • Talitha Luke-Eardley as Daria
  • Luke Cousins as Nick
  • Josie Kidd as Agnes
  • Venetka Georgieva as Overweight Woman

Filming locations:


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2 replies

  1. i cn not wait to wach wrong turn 6


  2. I love all the wrong turn movies there my kinda movie bloody n Gore love it can not Waite to see wrong turn 6


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