Skinless aka The Ballad of Skinless Pete – USA, 2014


‘He searched for a cure. What he found was a curse.’

Skinless – also known as The Ballad of Skinless Pete – is a 2014 micro $2000 budget American horror film co-written and directed by Dustin Wayne Mills (The Puppet Monster MassacreBath Salt Zombies, Night of the Tentacles). It stars co-writer Brandon Salkil, Erin R. Ryan (Babysitter Massacre), Allison Egan and Dave Parker.

skinless 2014 horror movie dustin mills

Skinless received an initial theatrical premiere in Cleveland at midnight in the US by Phantom Pain Films on March 8, 2014.

Official synopsis:

Brilliant oncologist Peter Peel discovers a possible cure for skin cancer in the belly of an exotic parasite. When he tests the cure on himself, his world is shattered and a monster is born. Skinless is a sad tale of madness, murder, monsters, and love…


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“Where I expected a pretty cool low budget horror movie, instead I got a really well done, intelligent horror movie that managed to take a familiar idea and make it seem brand new again. And it’s all done with a low budget and a small cast.”

“Mills creates such memorable and developed characters that it feels as though the film had way more characters in it than just four.  And what I really enjoyed here is Mills’ focus on one of my favorite sub-genres, Body Horror.  If you’ve ever seen an early David Cronenberg film you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Mills could’ve just made this a gory, one-dimensional film about a guy losing his skin, but he really explores the character of Pete and makes him a tragic hero and plays to the best body horror elements in the script.” Scott Shoyer, Anything Horror




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