Scream Inn – board game


Scream Inn is a horror-themed board game, first produced in the UK by Strawberry Fayre from 1974.


Scream Inn was a a comic strip that ran in British weekly Shiver and Shake during 1973-74, and this game – only vaguely related – appeared in the second year of its run. Oddly, the game didn’t feature any of the original characters (apart from a generic white-sheet ghost) and it is uncertain if there is any official connection between the two (the game makes no mention of the strip).


The game was aimed at players aged six years-old to adult, and could be played by 2 – 4 players. Each players starts with five figures and four ghosts, and you hide your ghosts under the rotating board, placing them under beds of floorboards, concealed from other players. If you land on a bed of a floorboard, you have to look underneath – if you encounter a ghost, you lose that piece and must start again. The aim of the game is to escape Scream Inn without being frightened by ghosts.It had the slogan “We’re only here for the fear!”.


The board had a semi-3D format and the game was full of small parts that would inevitably get broken or lost, and was needlessly complicated. Nevertheless, the packaging and the name ensured that it was popular amongst horror-loving kids.





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4 replies

  1. Please show the inside of the instruction booklet! We’ve been waiting to play this game for years.


  2. Can you still buy this game


  3. Loved scream inn as a kid can u Stil buy it on line today ??? I’d luvy little boy to play it wit me xx


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