Monsterz – Japan, 2014


Monsterz is a 2014 Japanese horror film by Hideo Nakata (Ring). It is a remake of Min-suk Kim’s 2010 film Haunters. It stars Tatsuya Fujiwara, Takayuki Yamada, Satomi Ishihara, Tomorowo Taguchi, and Motoki Ochiai. The film is due for release across Japan on the 30th May, 2014.


A man (Tatsuya Fujiwara) possesses a special ability to manipulate others with just his eyes. Because of this special ability, he killed his abusive father and was abandoned by his mother. He now lives a lonely life in the dark side of a city. Meanwhile, Shuichi Tanaka (Takayuki Yamada) doesn’t have a family and lives with his friends. Even though he is poor, he has a bright outlook on life. One day, these two men meet. The man becomes confused, because he can’t manipulate Shuichi with his eyes.


Thanks to Far East Films for this information.

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