Orror – Italian horror comic


Orror (Italian: ‘horror’) was an Italian fumetti comic book published in two different series in the late 1970s. For the first series, publishers Edifumetto issued 21 issues from June 1977 to May /1978; for the second series, six issues were issued in 1979.

As was the case with most horror-themed fumetti, the comics and covers often depicted scantily-clad young women being terrorised by all manner of predatory ghouls, killers and monsters.

Artwork was sometimes based upon images from horror films. For example, the cover for number 10 seems to be derived from an image used to promote Blood and Lace (1970), although in this case the hammer murder weapon is replaced with an axe. Second edition, no.6 shows a vampire with a striking resemblance to Jack Palance, who played Dracula for TV director Dan Curtis in 1973.






Orror n.4









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