ThanksKilling – USA, 2008

ThanksKilling 2009

‘Gobble, gobble, motherf#!@er!’

ThanksKilling is a 2008 American comedy horror feature film (released in 2009) about a cursed turkey killing off college students during the Thanksgiving break. The movie stars Wanda Lust, Chuck Lamb, Ryan Francis, Aaron Carlson, General Bastard, Lance Predmore, Natasha Cordova, and Lindsey Anderson.

The film was mainly shot over the summer of 2007 by Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey on an original budget of just $3,500. It was later given a small investment to help complete marketing and distribution.

An even more bizarre sequel, mockingly titled ThanksKilling 3 was made in 2012.


At the first Thanksgiving in 1621, a female Pilgrim is slain with a tomahawk wielded by an evil demonic turkey…

Centuries later, five college students (good girl Kristen, jock Johnny, ditzy Ali, redneck Billy, and nerdy Darren) head home to Crawl Berg (formerly Crawberg) for Thanksgiving with their families. After Kristen calls her father, the local sheriff, the car overheats, forcing the quintet to camp out for the night.

As they are setting up, Darren tells the settler-era folktale of Feathercloud, a Native American shaman who was dishonored by hedonistic pilgrim Chuck Langston, one of Billy’s ancestors. The outraged Feathercloud used necromancy to create Turkie, who is said to appear every five-hundred and five years to slaughter all Caucasians he encounters…

ThanksKilling turkey face mask


‘Turkey himself still manages to be a star; sort of a feathered Chucky, he’s stuffed with bad puns and one-liners (“that’s what I call fowl play!”) and a real mean streak that results in some legitimately effective gore work; there’s a cool Alien riff in there in addition to the Leatherface-esque face-peeling, among other fun gags that validate ThanksKilling as a fine, over-the-top splatter film.’ Oh, the Horror!

The characters are genre stereotypes, their acting is just as bad, the effects get an A for Effort but are nothing new. The film fits neatly into the genre of new wave B-movie horror comedies that are so self-aware and obviously aim for the so-bad-its-good appeal.’ Cosmic Catacombs


‘This Thanksgiving the Geek would like to give thanks to the filmmakers for having the balls to put together a script about such a ridiculous antagonist, gathering the actors and funding, and then actually making this film. There is no reason for this movie to exist, but I’m glad it does. This is what low-budget filmmaking is all about.’ B-Movie Geek

” …it’s not egregiously written, embarking on an ambitiously bizarre campaign of surrealism from the very get-go. It’s just a little bit less schlocky in its construction than you would expect a film about a killer turkey to be, and yet the quality of the acting is even worse than anticipated. Thanks to scenes such as the turkey impersonating a girl’s father by wearing his severed face, Thankskilling has made itself into a self-aware but still transgressive holiday classic for the modern age.” Jim Vorel, Paste magazine

ThanksKilling is completely ridiculous, but in a way that does not ruin the enjoyment level. Dumb, but actually funny in an absurd kind of way. Maybe a guilty pleasure sort of way.’ Best Horror Movies


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