Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear


Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear is a 2013 American horror anthology film from Chiller cable TV directed by Eric England, Nick Everhart, Emily Hagins, Jesse Holland, Miko Hughes and Andy Mitton. It was released in the US on Blu-ray on October 22nd by Shout Factory.

In Nick Everhart’s “Smell,” a dejected divorcee discovers a new cologne that will give him confidence – but at a high cost; Miko Hughes’ “See” centers on an optometrist who stumbles into a world of horror after discovering the key to capturing his patients’ visions; Emily Hagins’s “Touch” follows a blind 12-year-old boy who must match wits with a ruthless serial killer; Eric England’s “Taste” centers on an ambitious hacker who goes to work for a nefarious corporation; and Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton’s “Listen” reveals the terrors that unfold when a cursed song comes back into rotation.

“While it’s not the scariest or most reckless recent anthology, Chilling Visions never aims to be, aiming instead for a more subtle sort of brooding fear and disturbing scares rooted in voyeurism. The central gimmick is approached seriously rather than playfully in most cases, and with three solid chapters, one interesting yet disappointing piece and one misfire, Chilling Visions is mostly a fine independent omnibus and should play well to all of your senses.” Ken W. Hanley, Fangoria

“Overall, I really dug Chilling Visions. After the ho-hum V/H/S series and other recent anthology outings, this one has thankfully got some notable spunk and scares.” Jason Coleman,


“Overall, the anthology’s weakest segments (the first three) really don’t make the entire package worthwhile. Between Smell and See‘s run-of-the-mill predictability and the mess that is Touch, you could literally watch Taste and Listen by themselves and get more out of those than you could watching the entire anthology. It’s a shame, since there’s an overarching theme that was kind of a nice twist when it was revealed.” Pat Torfe, Bloody Disgusting


“Taken as a whole, 5 Senses of Fear is mediocre and not particularly frightening. You could definitely skip the first three and not miss anything. Only the last two make an impression and have a little fun with the concept. ” Paul Doro, Shock Till You Drop

“There’s enough gore here to satisfy most horror fans in search of some cheap thrills but so too are there some excellent examples of legitimate tension and atmosphere. The acting is generally pretty solid and the production values decent as well, particularly when you consider that this was made for cable TV and made very quickly at that. There’s some gloss and polish evident as well as some solid technical skills on display, which means that these wind up being well edited and well shot but at the same time the shorts are able to maintain a solid sense of dread. Some twisted black humor works its way into each of the stories, and there is a connecting thread that runs through all of them, which is a nice touch.” Ian Jane, DVD Talk


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“The press kit in the mail promised ‘five ground-breaking visions’. I don’t think that any ground has been broken here but at least they didn’t trample the grass either. Each short is entertaining enough. There are adequate amounts of gore and blood in each one; enough to appease any horror fan. As things go with anthologies you can usually bet on their being a dud or two in the mix. These five are fairly consistent though.” Andrew Mack, Twitch




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