The Transplant aka Night of the Bloody Transplant – USA, 1970

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The Transplant – aka Night of the Bloody Transplant – is a 1970 American horror feature film produced, directed and co-written by David W. Hanson (Judy). The movie stars Dick Grimm, Ann Antell, David Haller, Carl Williams, Elizabeth Rawlings and Cal Seeley.


“Heart transplants are almost routine these days. But when Dr. James Arnold tries to get approval to perform a heart transplanr for his elderly benefactor, the medical society turns him down. However, when his ne’er do well brother accidentally kills a young woman, the doctor takes matters into his own hands. Threatened by a cutoff of fund, his benefactor gets a new heart.

Dr. Arnold has achieved his dream, but because of the young girl’s death can’t tell anyone about his triumph. Meanwhile, his brother goes on a killing rampage and, in the bizarre turn of events that follow, Dr. Arnold also is killed and his heart is transplanted to save a policeman the brother has shot…” United Home Video sleeve synopsis


“A late entry in the H.G. Lewis look-alike sweepstakes, this one from Flint, Michigan … With real heart surgery and some lame strippers.” Brian Albright, Regional Horror Films 1958-1990: A State-by-State Guide with Interviews (McFarlane, 2012)


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This movie should not be confused with Mexican gore movie Night of the Bloody Apes.

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