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Night of the Demons – also known as Halloween Party  is a 1988 American supernatural horror feature film written and produced by Joe Augustyn and directed by Kevin S. Tenney (WitchtrapWitchboard and its sequelBrain Dead).

The film was followed by the sequels Night of the Demons 2 (1994) and Night of the Demons 3 (1997), along with a remake in 2009.

Stooge, Helen, and Roger are driving to a party thrown by outcast Angela Franklin and her friend Suzanne at Hull House, an abandoned local mortuary. The car passes by an elderly man. Once alone, the elderly man shows that he is carrying apples and razor blades.

Judy and her friends arrive at Hull House, where Max, one of the party goers tells Judy the legend of Hull House. The house is rumored to be cursed, with the evil spirits inside contained only by an underground stream that surrounds the building.

The party stops when the radio’s battery power dies, prompting Angela to hold a séance as a party game. Helen sees a demon’s face and her dead body in the mirror, which causes the mirror to fall and shatter. This prompts a demon to come out of the crematorium furnace and possess Suzanne…

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“Some sex comedy such as when Suzanne is helping Angela steal supermarket food by distracting the two clerks with her ass is so exploitative that you know it is meant to bring out laughter, and that is okay. The power of Night of the Demons is that it can romp around like a kid with its nudity and lame (though sometimes hysterical) one liners but remain drenched in its sinister aroma.” Oh, the Horror!

“With no reservations, this is one of the best horror flicks of the 1980s … It’s a movie that owes a lot to the Evil Dead series but has an additional camp factor because of how strongly it captures its time period—the characters are gross caricatures, a clear satire on prevailing youth culture.” Jim Vorel, Paste magazine

“In typical ‘80s fashion, the one- liners floweth over, but in Night of the Demons the pliancy of the English language is pushed to fantastic new heights. I submit to you the utterance of the phrase “Eat a bowl of f*ck, I am here to party!” as exclaimed by Stooge. This is but one of many examples of the genius of dialogue that facilitate sparse plot points along into a deserved oblivion.” Forbidden Features


“Everything about this movie is sub-standard; the special effects, the acting, the writing, the plot. A few of the characters were tolerable, but mostly I didn’t care if they became blood-oozing zombie-ghouls by the end. In fact I wanted it to happen, thinking the faster they became demons, maybe the faster the movie’d be over!” Schlock Wave

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  1. I love this movie! Very fun and entertaining! You can’t go wrong with the gorgeously sexy Linnea Quigley and Jill Terashita in one movie! They’re so absolutely yummy!

  2. That lipstick scene with the Quigley really goes through me. Also in number two we get more mammary mischief when that girls waps turn into grippers and strangely burn some dudes hands off.

  3. Other than the silly coda (how the hell did the guy not know he was swallowing razor blades?), my only complaint is the age of the cast. Seriously, why not make them college kids rather than high schoolers?

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