Wither (original title: Vittra) is a 2012 Swedish horror film directed by Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wicklund and starring Patrik Almkvist, Lisa Henni, and Patrick Saxe. It is based on the legend of the mythological creature of the same name.


Ida and Albin are a happy couple. They set off to a cabin in the vast Swedish woodlands to have a fun holiday with their friends. But under the floorboards waits an evil from Sweden’s dark past…



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Wither is gore heaped upon gore, with good practical effects and a bit of atmosphere. The directors know how to work within their extremely small budget to deliver a movie that feels good, moves fast, and even has the chance to turn the stomach a little with the makeup effects they use. It’s not a great film, nor is it particularly original, but it is bloody, occasionally creepy, and basically satisfies the horror itch. It delivers what it promises; no more and no less.” Daryl Loomis, DVD Verdict

“When it comes to the horror genre it is hard to make an interesting or at least put inventive enough spin on subject matter that has been exploited for all it is worth. But then there are always rules to the exception and in the case of Wither this is such a film. It is a film that far exceeds the sum of its parts with its tremendous amount of atmosphere and ample amount of gore.” Michael den Boer, 10k Bullets


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