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José Ramón Larraz (born 1929 in Barcelona) was a Spanish director of exploitation and horror films such as the cult classic Vampyres (1974). He died in Malaga on 3rd September 2013 whilst working on a remake of Vampyres that was completed by his co-writer Víctor Matellano:

Larraz began making films in England with Whirlpool, a thriller co-produced by a Danish company. He made many different types of films using a variety of pseudonyms, but is best known for his horror films. His last few horror films were Spanish/American co-productions.

The book Immoral Tales (1994) by Cathal Tohill and Pete Tombs dedicated a chapter to him and Larraz was profiled in Tombs’ Eurotika TV series:

Selected filmography:

Whirlpool (1970) aka Perversion Flash

14828__x400_whirlpool_poster_02Deviation (1971)

La Muerte Incierta (1971)

Emma, puertas oscuras (1973)

Symptoms (1973)

Scream – and Die!  (1973) aka The House That Vanished, aka Don’t Go in the Bedroom

Vampyres (1974) aka Daughters of Dracula, aka Blood Hunger

The Coming of Sin (1978)

The Golden Lady (1979)

El Periscopio (1979) aka Give Us Our Daily Sex aka Malicia Erotica


Stigma (1980)

Black Candles (1980) aka Hot Fantasies

La Momia Nacional (1981)

Polvos Magicos (1983)

Rest in Pieces (1987)

Edge of the Axe (1988)

Deadly Manor (1990)


malicia erotica jose larraz

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