Coffin Baby – USA, 2013


Coffin Baby is a 2013 Amerian horror film written and directed by Dean C. Jones. It is a loose sequel to Tobe Hooper‘s Toolbox Murders (2004). 

The film stars Bruce Dern, Brian Krause, Ethan Phillips, Clifton Powell, Alison Kyler, Elissa Dowling, Kyle Morris, Chauntal Lewis and Edgar Allan Poe IV.

Lianne Spiderbaby, who was Quentin Tarantino‘s girlfriend and the subject of much recent Internet discussion for her alleged plagiarism in various forms of media, has a minor role.

At the time of writing, an online search for information or reviews about Coffin Baby produces multiple pirate or torrent sites where the film is seemingly available free for streaming or download.

In Hollywood, a serial killer has embarked on spree of bizarre and horrific murders that has caused widespread fear and panic . The killer pays particular attention to one unfortunate female, holding her captive and then forcing her to witness the torture and murder of numerous other victims. She vainly attempts to survive her ordeal but her attempts to escape from his lair seems hopeless and her desperate situation only worsens when supernatural forces come into play that are even more appalling…


‘ … the movie uses all the guidelines of a torture movie but in the end could have been a lot better. It actually collapses because of the seen that, done that before effect. What also shows is the fact that it had a very unstable production crew, you feel that things had been rewritten. The gore is good, the acting is okay but the story and production value just lack it all and in the end it isn’t a very good experience.’ Slashing Through


‘If you like cheap artsy-fartsy, psychological flicks with mountains of rotting limbs and people cannibalizing on them, despite how horrible the execution is, then Coffin Baby is your turkey leg to choke on. Everyone else who would like to keep their sanity and just enjoy a silly-yet-good slasher flick, as in a REAL slasher flick? Look elsewhere.’ Sticky Red

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