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Vampire Season – also known as Vampire Season Monster Defense – is a Tower Defense/Strategy video game produced by Brainz and A Little Birdie Entertainment. It was released on June 28, 2012 for iOS devices. There are thirty levels spread across three themed chapters.

Vlad Cosmo Tepes, better known as Count Dracula and as one of the most notable vampires in history, has been hunted (unsuccessfully) for centuries by the Van Helsing clan. He used to reside in a secret castle in Transylvania until 2012, when Anthony Van Helsing revealed his location, resulting in one of the largest vamphunts in history, also known as The Great Hunt. Now, thanks to the 21st Century’s general lack of online privacy, Dracula’s secret hideout has been revealed and it’s up to players’ defense and strategy skills to protect him from a horde of big game hunters.

Vampire: Vampires are one of the most ancient supernatural creatures, with some scholars speculating their origin as far back as Cain himself. Other scholars claim they go back to the T-Rex.

Werewolf: Werewolves almost became extinct in the early 1900s. They are half human and half wolf. In no particular order. They are highly attuned to nature and possess heightened senses of smell and sight. Werewolves have been around since the dawn of civilisation. Contrary to popular belief, they have not always been at odds with vampires. They just had one huge disagreement, but they get along pretty well most of the time.

Zombie: Zombies are the result of diverse causes: Voodoo, Hoodoo, Comic Books, etc. They have been increasing their numbers in order to meet the expectations set by diverse media about the Zombie Apocalypse, and attend rehearsals every Monday at 6 pm. They are qualified as a Basic Unit. Although their life and damage are similar to the Werewolf, their Zombie nature makes them extra squishy.

Skeleton: Skeletons are cousins to both Mummies and Zombies, but are still different enough to have their own seat and representative in the M.E.M.E. Skeletons are usually created by Necromancers or Warlocks by reanimating corpses. Because of the intrinsic details of the spell used by them, Skeletons lose all flesh and rise as pure bone.

Imp: Imps are mischievous, playful and somewhat naked. They hail from the depths of the underworld where they are usually forced to perform menial tasks. That is why they jump at the chance of joining the human world hoping for a better future.

Manny the Mummy: Manny is said to be the second oldest active mummy in the world, the oldest one being his wife Fanny. He is a powerful supernatural creature who is fiercely protective of Count Dracula and plays a vital role in the Count’s survival of The Great Hunt. Manny was a revered prophet in Ancient Egypt. He had visions that helped guide the progress of Egyptian culture, the pyramid being one of his greatest accomplishments. (Before Manny, Egyptians were planning to bury their Pharaohs beneath cubes). Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to predict that he would be poisoned by his sister-in-law.


Fanny the Mummy: Fanny the mummy, a very special little lady. Is the oldest active mummy in the world, making her also the strongest one. She is married to Manny the Mummy, and was once Queen of Mummydom before abdicating to follow Manny in his adventures in the human world. She used to be a prophet and revered oracle in Ancient Egypt. She took Manny under her wing when he was just a child, and taught him the art of divination. She died of natural causes and was mummified by her followers who were certain she was an emissary from Isis. They performed a ritual to steal her prophetic abilities, but instead ended up reviving her as an active mummy. She was really upset.

Ghost: Ghosts are the remaining energy of someone who died… with too much energy. Game show hosts are perfect Ghost candidates. In the game, they are qualified as a Power Unit. Although they don’t have a lot of life, they usually make up for it with their resistance to physical damage. Ghosts deal Magic Damage at a very short range but are very weak against Magic Damage receiving triple damage when attacked.

Warlock: Warlocks are humans that struck a deal with a supernatural entity in exchange for magical prowess. Most of them attended wizardry school at some point, but dropped out because they found it “too nerdy”. In the game, they are qualified as a High-End Unit and deal Magic Damage at a long range, they slow the movement of any enemies that enter their range by 50%. scored it as a great game, giving it 8/10 says it’s a great reminder of real time strategy and tower defense games, and scored it 4/5. claims “it should go straight to the top of your download list. says “Vampire Season will appeal to anyone with even the slightest interest in tower defence games or zombies. Yes, zombies and evil-things of the night are becoming a little long in the tooth now, but when they look and play this well do we really care? Vampire Season is a must own iOS title if you want to show off the power of your mighty iPad.” states “is a high quality game with great production values. Its 3D in-game graphics are clear and animate smoothly, while between levels some entertaining and amusing cutscenes give a sense of unfolding — if rather silly — narrative to the proceedings. It feels like a highly-polished game…”

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