Monster on the Campus (1958)


Monster on the Campus  is a 1958 American science fiction/horror film, released by Universal-International Pictures. It was directed by Jack Arnold (Tarantula, Creature from the Black Lagoon) from a script by David Duncan (The Time MachineFantastic Voyage).

The film stars Arthur Franz, Joanna Moore, Judson Pratt, Nancy Walters and Troy Donahue.



Professor Donald Blake (Arthur Franz) acquires a newly-discovered coelacanth, a fossilised fish. He begins to examine the find and is exposed to its irradiated blood. This turns him into a murderous Neanderthal monster that terrorizes the campus.


“What does seem particularly funny is the bizarre lengths the script has to go to to keep getting Arthur Franz’s scientist reinfected all over again while still unaware of what is happening – him cutting his hand on a dog’s tooth, while the scene smoking dragonfly blood dripped into a pipe bowl should have made Monster on the Campus into a cult classic for the ‘head’ set ten years later.” Richard Scheib, Moria


Yeah, it’s a little silly, the monster makeup leaves a lot to be desired, and Dr. Blake is incredibly slow to figure out the obvious. But it’s a fun film with a game cast, some nice character interplay and a brevity that helps it slide past some nagging questions.” Rod Barnett, Eccentric Cinema





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