Evil Toons (1992)



Evil Toons is a 1992 live-action/animated comedy horror film written, directed and co-produced by Fred Olen Ray (The Alien Dead) with cinematography by Gary Graver.

Evil Toons (1992).0
Main cast:

David Carradine (Death Race 2000), Monique GabrielleMadison StoneStacey Nix [aka Barbara Dare], Arte JohnsonDick Miller (Gremlins II) and Michelle Bauer (The Tomb, Demonwarp; Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers).

The film was intended as a knowing spoof of traditional haunted-house films – with the female characters mocking their next movies – combined with elements of The Evil Dead and the usual topless female nudity associated with Ray’s ouevre. It includes in-jokes such as cult actor Dick Miller watching himself on TV in A Bucket of Blood (1959) and Michelle Bauer going off half-naked into her bedroom followed by the sound of a chainsaw revving (a reference to Ray’s Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers).

Evil Toons Dick Miller

Fred Olen Ray initially pitched the idea for this picture to legendary exploitation movie producer Roger Corman, saying he could make the film for only $250,000 dollars. But even Corman turned him down on the grounds that said budget was too low. Thus challenged, Ray made the picture for his own American Independent Productions for a mere $140,000 dollars.


A group of  attractive young women spend the night in an old house. On the night of their arrival, a strange man arrives, delivering an old book. Once he is gone, the girls examine the book, where they find a sketch of a Tasmanian-devil like monster.

Evil Toons (1992).7

As time passes, the drawing emerges from the book and becomes a cartoon. At one point, after attacking one of the girls, it possesses her, and everyone in the house falls victim to the possessed girl, this includes her boyfriend Biff, the owner of the house, and two of the girls. Meg (the only surviving girl) and Gideon Fisk (owner of the book) destroy the book and the cartoon reverts back into its normal self and promptly disappears…

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” … it’s enjoyable while the animated horny demonic toon runs around ogling girls, tearing their clothes off and making comments such as, “Nice tits!”. Unfortunately, the evil toon only gets a few minutes of screen time at best before it takes on Roxanne’s appearance. No doubt a result of being low budget. It’s a shame too, since it’s really the only part of the movie worth watching.” Movie Muck

“Directed by Fred Olen Ray — that’s pretty much all you really need to know as far as what to expect from this. It’s cheesy, sleazy, and just plain bad (and not necessarily in a good way). I just kept waiting for more “toons” to show up and was left disappointed. Unless all you need is excessive nudity and bad acting to enjoy a flick I’d advise skipping this.” Upcoming Horror

new poverty row red olen ray

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Evil Toons (1992).19

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Evil Toons (1992).22


Evil Toons (1992).30

Evil Toons (1992).31

Evil Toons (Fred Olen Ray, 1992)

Evil Toons (Fred Olen Ray, 1992)
Evil Toons (1992).42






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2 replies

  1. I remember when I saw this for the first time. I thought terrible but fun movie and Madison Stone (Roxanne) makes my pussy so soaking wet!

  2. I don’t think Fred Olen Ray is a bad director like many others do. However, I wish he wouldn’t waste his time with films like this. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

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