Bloody Flesh – Colombia, 1983

bloody flesh

‘The only thing she craved was blood’

Bloody Flesh – original title: Carne de tu Carne – is a 1983 Colombian surrealist horror feature film directed by Carlos Mayolo.

The movie stars Adriana Herran, David Guerrero, Santiago García, Vicky Hernandez, Carlos Mayolo and Luis Ospina.

bloody flesh 1

During the military dictatorship of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, several trucks loaded with dynamite explode in the centre of Cali destroying several historical buildings and the houses of wealthy owners of sugar mills.


The grandmother of one of those families dies leaving her children and two grandchildren as heirs. After the explosion, the family decided to take refuge in one of their summer homes.

bloody flesh 2

At the summer home the grandchildren Andres Alfonso and Margaret seek out their great-uncle who shows them various photographs and items of family history. Both half-siblings are attracted to an unnatural relationship, becoming slowly possesed by the spirits of their ancestors.

They become lovers and killers, evolving into vampiric creatures  reminiscent of indigenous myths of the region such as the Madremonte. After being killed by a peasant in the service of the family the lovers rise to spread even more terror…

bloody flesh 4

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“It goes into dark places and peeks under the rug, making some obvious and not so obvious references to the use of violence in Colombian society with varying degrees of success. It doesn’t always work, but when it does it’s impressive.” Ian Jane Rock! Shock! Pop!

” … the visceral, merciless style of guerrilla film making present here with Carlo Mayolo’s unapologetic take on the supernatural, seen through the eyes of traditional Catholic culture and shaky political unrest.” George Pacheco, 10K Bullets


“… told in the manner of an exploitative horror picture, but the rules of the genre, leavened with black humour, take over and the film degenerates into an orgy of blood, totally losing control over the political dimensions of the tale.” Phil Hardy (editor), The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror


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