Don Post Studios’ The Facehugger

Don Post Studios were known in the 1970s and 80s as the manufacturers of top quality masks. Not your cheap and nasty latex (or plastic!) novelty items that you would find in seaside novelty shops, fancy dress suppliers or sold in comic book small ads, but high quality, hand-crafted and expensive collectors items.

Fangoria Magazine news report
Fangoria Magazine news report

One of their weirdest – and most unpractical – items was an official Alien Facehugger mask, which retailed at a whopping $500! Calculated for inflation, that’s over $1500 by today’s standards. It came complete with a display case. Clearly, this wasn’t designed to be worn on a night out trick or treating, and doubtless took pride of place  in the homes of wealthy collectors.


The mask was advertised in glossy, full (or two) page ads in magazines like Starlog, Fangoria and Questar (and doesn’t the Nosferatu set look great too?). Though just how many of the readers of those magazines had $500 to blow on a mask is debatable. But a later offer through Starlog Press cut the price to a mere $375 – a bargain!


You can read more about this mask here.

Original design mold
Original design mold

Fans wanting to own a facehugger masks themselves will be glad to know that rather more affordable – though less luxurious – options have been subsequently released by other manufacturers.

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