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Charles Murray “Charlie” Higson (born 3 July 1958), is an English actor, comedian, author and former singer. Best known as a founder member of the 80’s punk-funk band The Higsons, a writer and performer on the British comedy series The Fast Show (1994–2000) and the author of the Young Bond series of James Bond novels, Charlie has recently gained a new following for his zombie-horror series of books for children.

In May 2015, it was announced that he is executive producing and writing a ten-part ITV television action-adventure-horror series, Jekyll & Hyde.

The first book, The Enemy, was released in the UK by Puffin Books in 2009 and in the US by Disney-Hyperion in 2010. His second horror-for-kids novel, The Dead, was published in September 2010. The third book in the series, The Fear was published on 15 September 2011 and the fourth novel in the series: The Sacrifice, was published the 20th of September 2012.


The Enemy begins a year after a worldwide sickness has infected all the adults, turning them into zombie-like creatures. The surviving children have formed a number of groups throughout London in order to better combat the threat posed by the adults and to increase their odds of survival. A young survivor named Small Sam is kidnapped by infected adults and taken away. He and several other children have made a base within the confines of a Waitrose supermarket. The other children led by a boy named Arran and his second-in-command, Maxie, have increasingly grown tired of the children being killed one-by-one. The adults are becoming smarter and as a consequence the children are being picked off more frequently.


The Dead begins a year before the events in The Enemy and two weeks after a worldwide sickness has infected all adults, turning them into zombies. Two fourteen-year-old boys called Jack and Ed are trapped with a group of other schoolboys in the Rowhurst boarding school, in a remote village, a few miles from London. The Fear begins five days before Small Sam and The Kid, having escaped from the London Underground, arrive at the tower at the end of The Enemy.



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