Adam Chaplin – Italy, 2011


Adam Chaplin is a 2011 Italian action horror film directed by Emanuele de Santi. The film stars de Santi himself, Giulio De Santi (Hotel Inferno and sequel), and Alessandro Gramanti.


Set in the fictional country of Heaven Valley, the film is the story of a man, Adam, who following the suspicious death of his wife begins to investigate her murder and in doing so, discovers the involvement of local mafia boss: Denny Richards.

Unable to trust the police, corrupt and controlled by Denny, Adam, consumed by anger, summons a demon who offers him superhuman strength and dark powers. The demon follows him during his trip, promising to lead Adam to the door of the murderer if he does everything the demon asks.

A bloody war ensues that will bring Adam, the demon on his side, against the police department with all its dark allies. The fight begins and it will be extreme…



adam chaplin


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” …Adam Chaplin is crazy as hell and absolutely guaranteed to have splatter fans howling with shock and delight at every turn. If grand bloody spectacle isn’t your thing, you’ll want to stay away, but for those of you who love to marvel at gory movie magic and enjoy the thought of watching a super-buff dude punch bad guys’ jaws straight off their faces: Get your coat on, it’s gonna be a wet one.” Gareth Jones, Dread Central

“With an odd blue haze cast over the entire film (which helps give it a look and feel far beyond it’s budget), musical queues that punctuate every moment of violence perfectly, and a tongue-in-cheek sincerity that allows every drop of blood and clump of mangled flesh to tug gently at the viewer’s heartstrings; Adam Chaplin is a massive achievement. It’s a movie that wears its inevitable stereotypes with pride, made by people who are not ashamed of what they love: blood and lots of  it.” The Conduit Speaks




Adam Chaplin

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  1. Absolutely bonkers! Truly inventive splattery madness – I’ve watched a couple of other necrostorm flicks off the back of this but none have been anywhere near as fun, or decent, as Adam Chaplin.


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