2-Headed Shark Attack – USA, 2012


2-Headed Shark Attack (aka Two-Headed Shark Attack) is a horror film from The Asylum, directed by Christopher Ray, son of Fred Olen Ray. The film stars Carmen Electra (Monster Island), Charlie O’Connell and Brooke Hogan, daughter of Hulk Hogan. The film premiered September 8, 2012, on Syfy.

2 headed shark attack 3

Survivors escape to a deserted atoll after a ‘Semester-at-Sea’ ship is sunk by a mutated two-headed shark. But when the atoll starts flooding, no one is safe from the double ‘jaws’ of the monster…

2-Headed Shark

The design for the 2-headed shark was detailed in the Monster Man episode “Seeing Double.” The original design of the shark had one shark head stacked on top the other, but creature designer Cleve Hall pushed to change the design to side-by-side heads.


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“There are sooooo many fantastic scenes and highlights, but two stick out. One is the 2-Headed Shark’s awesome kill, where it tosses a hapless victim into the air, gets a swimming start, then leaps out of the air to catch the poor sap in mid-air with its dueling jaws of death. Awesome. The second (*spoilers!*) features the big kiss between stars Charlie O’Connell and Carmen Electra. As awesome as it is for Charlie to kiss Carmen, it happens when there’s a tidal wave carrying a 2-headed shark directly in their direction.” Daniel Roos, Snark, Critic and Pop!

“You won’t care who lives or dies, but it will be obvious who’s going to survive (hint: she’s tall, untalented, and the daughter of a geriatric pugilist). Sadly, you won’t even siphon enjoyment from these death scenes, thanks to some hectic editing and off-screen bloodletting. The filmmakers are faced with an unsavory dilemma: focus on the awful CGI shark or turn the camera toward the laughable stationary prop? It’s an impossible choice, so they opted for option “C,” which is “shake the camera around violently without purpose.”” David Johnson, DVD Verdict


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Two Headed Shark Attack

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  1. I can’t be doing with these ten a penny CG creature flicks. I mean there must be a market for them because the machine keeps pumping ’em out but for me I’d rather boil my boys in their bag than sit through another SyFy Octodonkey, or Badgersaurus, or whatever inane twaddle they conjure up next.



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