Phantasm II – USA, 1988


Phantasm II is the 1988 sequel to Phantasm. It was written and directed by Don Coscarelli, and stars Angus Scrimm, James LeGros and Reggie Bannister.

Universal provided a budget of $3 million, about ten times that of the original, but it was a difficult production as the producers demanded a more linear and action oriented, less dreamlike approach. It grossed nearly $6 million in the US and more sequels were to come.phantasm 2 scrimm 2

Reggie (Reggie Bannister) and Mike (this time played by James LeGros who replaces Michael Baldwin from the original) are hunting down The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) in a time period that begins only shortly after the original Phantasm had ended.

They have since discovered that The Tall Man travels from town to town, enslaving the dead and they remain hot on his trail (or is The Tall Man hot on their trail?).


With the help of a hitchhiker named Alchemy (Samantha Phillips) and a young girl named Liz (Paula Irvine) that Mike has some sort of supernatural connection with – they once again try to put a stop to The Tall Man, his evil silver spheres and dwarf minions…



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“It doesn’t do anything new like its predecessor being another helping of the Tall Man and his sphere chasing the same people and killing them the same way. It’s a creature of the eighties, giving in to those trappings as well with corny dialogue, big hair, and at least one gratuitous boobie shot.” Eric Profancik DVD Verdict

“The target audience for Phantasm II obviously is teenagers, especially those with abbreviated attention spans, who require a thrill a minute. No character development, logic or subtlety is necessary, just a sensation every now and again to provide the impression that something is happening on the screen.” Roger Ebert


Phantasm II was never going to match the first film’s originality and other-worldly peculiarity and recycles a couple too many of that film’s scenes and ideas for its own good, but is otherwise a damned fine sequel, expanding on some aspects and upping the pace in a way that gives the film a distinct identity of its own. It delivers on action, it delivers on horror, and it’s a coffin full of generic fun.” Slarek, Cineoutsider

“If on the off chance you’ve let Phantasm II slip you by, or you haven’t seen it in ages, I strongly recommend giving it a visit. Fans of the original
are bound to enjoy it, and even the crazy few that aren’t too fond of the original are sure to enjoy its sequel. Highly recommended!” Horror Digital

“The 1988 sequel is almost as screwy and weird as the original with lots of gruesome special effects. Do not expect the plot to make sense. Coscarelli’s not interested. His story just rolls along from one bizarre event to the next, finally arriving at a predictable ending.” Mike Mayo, The Horror Show Guide


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“It’s the steel ball that reigns and rains (blood, that is) as it burrows into a man’s back, chews up his insides and comes out his mouth. At times this has the feel of the graveyard and mausoleum to it.” John Stanley, Creature Features

Cast and characters:

  • Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man
  • James LeGros as Mike Pearson
  • Reggie Bannister as Reggie
  • Paula Irvine as Liz Reynolds
  • Samantha Phillips as Alchemy
  • Kenneth Tigar as Father Meyers
  • Rubin Kushner as Grandpa Alex Murphy
  • Ruth C. Engel as Grandma Murphy
  • Stacey Travis as Jeri Reynolds
  • A. Michael Baldwin as Young Mike
  • J. Patrick McNamara as Psychologist
  • Mark Anthony Major as Mortician







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  1. The best one of the series! Double shotguns and chainsaws plus a good dose of inventive monstrous gore and a strange head slapping sex scene! it cannot be beat. To be fair though I’ve yet to see part 4 and now I see there’s a 5th in the works. Heavens to Betsy!

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