Absurd (1981)



Absurd (also known as Rosso Sangue, Anthropophagus 2, Horrible, The Grim Reaper 2, Monster Hunter) is a 1981 Italian horror film directed by Joe D’Amato and written by George Eastman. It stars Eastman, Annie Belle and Edmund Purdom. The film is an unofficial sequel to Antropophagus.


88 Films are releasing Absurd on Blu-ray on 23 February 2017. It seems fair to assume that it will be uncut.


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Absurd was one of the infamous British so-called ‘video nasties’ and became one of 39 titles to be successfully prosecuted in 1984 under the Obscene Publications Act. It was originally released in both a cut and uncut version with identical sleeve designs by Medusa Home Video in 1981. The original tape is a sought after and expensive collectable among fans.

absurd 3

To add to its questionable fame, the film inspired the name for German black metal act Absurd, whose members later switched their interest from gore films to right wing politics and committed murder in 1993.

absurd 2

Absurd is in many ways a ‘non-sequel’ to Anthropophagus the Beast, as the only real connections between the two films – besides George Eastman and Joe D’Amato – is the presence of a homicidal man (played by George Eastman in effectively the same role as the one he played in the first film) who is disembowelled in both films, and who comes from a Greek island.


An uncut DVD version of the film was released under the French title, Horrible, by Mya Communication on July 28, 2009. Also, an uncut DVD version including a long version of the film was released under the German title, Absurd, via XT-Video on December 15, 2010 but with no English language options.

absurd mya

“This one won’t win over the D’Amato doubtful but the converts who already appreciate the languid pacing, thick atmosphere and irreverent gore of his earlier Antropophagus will definitely appreciate this follow up film, firmly rooted in similar territory even if it isn’t a direct sequel per se.” Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!

“The best part of this film is watching George Eastman go bonkers. All of the kill scenes are entertaining and on par with other kill scenes from similar Italian horror films from this era. Some of the deaths include a drill bit through the temple, a meat cutting saw to the head and a woman being forced into a blazing hot oven…” Michael Den Boer, 10k Bullets





Absurd spanish


Absurd 6


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