Silent Madness – USA, 1984

silent madness

Silent Madness is a 1984 American slasher film released to cinemas in both 2D and 3D versions. It was co-produced and directed by Simon Nuchtern (Snuff). The 3D effects were engineered by Allan Apone who worked on Friday 13th Part III.

Main cast:

Belinda Montgomery, Viveca Lindfors, Sydney Lassick, David Greenan, Solly Marx (Neon Maniacs), and softcore star Elizabeth Kaitan.




A homicidal maniac is releases from an asylum due to a computer error. He returns to the sorority house where sisters humiliated him years ago compelling him to launch the nail gun massacre which led to his incarceration…

The film awaits an uncut DVD release, suffering the following BBFC cuts to its 2002 release :

  • When the woman’s head is crushed in a vice, all close-ups are removed,  along with all shots of blood.
  • The sight of a dart embedded between a woman’s breasts is taken out.
  • Sexual dialogue about a syringe being twisted in a female doctor’s buttocks is cut (“And when her pants are down…you get my drift, pal?”).
  • Shots of a deep gash in a woman’s back and blood/gore on the weapon are removed.
  • We do not see the electric prod superimposed over a female victim’s face.
  • The sequence in which a drill penetrates a man’s skull is largely edited out.
  • The scene of the doctor being chased through the air vent is shortened, with shots of spinning blades removed.



“The stable of TV actors are decent enough, the script’s dialogue doesn’t veer into absurdity, the 3D effects are minimal and worst of all, for a sleazy, low-rent slasher film, it just doesn’t deliver the goods that you’d expect. Unless there is some super-obscure uncut version that nobody knows about, it’s easy to see why nobody is petitioning Shout! Factory for a Blu-ray special edition.” Thomas T Sueyres, Video Junkie

Aside from a few deadened stretches of dialogue, there’s no room to complain. Synths are ravishing. Grit is ingrained. Photography brainstorms with the then-waning 3-D novelty, resulting in resourceful kill scenes and a competent structure. Combine it all with decent acting from recognizable leads, a few laughs, some jumps, and a little twist or two, and you’ve got a virtuous indie-slasher that sticks to the basics and sets the evening ablaze with warmth.” Joseph A Ziemba, Bleeding Skull


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